Indaba Fish In The City Tribute Blog

Indaba Fish and Seafood Restaurant, a hidden gem
in Tabernacle St, showcases what can be done
with quality Cornish Seafood and a talented chef
Nick Taylor who formerly worked for Rick Stein.
The menu provides a light, varied selection,
serving Thai fish cakes, Indaba steamed shell fish
platter and moules mariniere, as well as fabulous
sirloin steak and the choice of lobster or crab
from our very own tank!
An interesting daily specials board ensures
there’s something for everyone.
For pre-theatre champagne and some
fresh oysters Indaba Fish is the place.

Indaba Fish – Using ash wood and solid oak flooring in a seafood restaurant

One of the most important things in any restaurant is achieving the right look and feel that will get people talking about the place, furnishing with a beautiful hardwood like ash wood can really create that feel. The old adage that people eat with their eyes is certainly too, I’ve seen first hand that a restaurant can serve the most beautiful food to their customers but don’t achieve the return custom that they really deserve.

indaba fish solid oak flooring

Why is ash wood and solid oak flooring such a great way to furnish a restaurant

The reason that woods such as these are so great is they create a really warm family feeling in an establishment. There are few other things that you can buy that can really achieve this, other accessories and furnishings simply don’t come close. Think about your favorite and least favorite restaurants 9 times out of 10 you can pretty much guarantee that you favorite places will use wood in some form effectively.

Indaba Fish – A block and beam floor in a restaurant

When people visit a restaurant they don’t typically think about the technology that goes into keeping it upright like a block and beam floor does. While the patrons may not think about this, a seafood restaurant owner who has faced trouble with their foundations will certainly know all about this type of technology. Block and beam floors are a means by which the foundations of a building are supported, it’s a relatively new technology that fortunately is very affordable for most establishments. You may also find information on this topic by searching for ‘beam and block’ or concrete floor beams.

How a block and beam floor actually works

There’s nothing magical about a block and beam floor, the concept is a fairly simple one. The concrete floor beams themselves come prestressed for added strength, this is achieved during the manufacturing process prior to the flooring arriving at a fish restaurant or business. When their there though, their incredible strength means that they can form part of an effective flooring system that lasts for decades and likely won’t need replacing again during the lifetime of the business.