Indaba Fish – A block and beam floor in a restaurant

When people visit a restaurant they don’t typically think about the technology that goes into keeping it upright like a block and beam floor does. While the patrons may not think about this, a seafood restaurant owner who has faced trouble with their foundations will certainly know all about this type of flooring technology. Block and beam floors are a means by which the foundations of a building are supported, it’s a relatively new technology that fortunately is very affordable for most establishments. You may also find information on this topic by searching for ‘beam and block’ or concrete floor beams.
How a block and beam floor actually works

inaba fish block and beam floor

There’s nothing magical about a block and beam floor, the concept is a fairly simple one. The concrete floor beams themselves come prestressed for added strength, this is achieved during the manufacturing process prior to the flooring arriving at a fish restaurant or business. When their there though, their incredible strength means that they can form part of an effective flooring system that lasts for decades and likely won’t need replacing again during the lifetime of the business.