Indaba Fish – Using ash wood and solid oak flooring in a seafood restaurant

One of the most important things in any restaurant is achieving the right look and feel that will get people talking about the place, furnishing with a beautiful hardwood like ash wood can really create that feel. The old adage that people eat with their eyes is certainly too, I’ve seen first hand that a restaurant can serve the most beautiful food to their customers but don’t achieve the return custom that they really deserve.

Why is ash wood and solid oak floorings such a great way to furnish a restaurant

indaba fish solid oak flooring

The reason that woods such as these are so great is they create a really warm family feeling in an establishment. There are few other things that you can buy that can really achieve this, other accessories and wood furnishings simply don’t come close. Think about your favorite and least favorite restaurants 9 times out of 10 you can pretty much guarantee that you favorite places will use wood in some form effectively.